Around and about Tortellini

Morainic hills, the valley of the river Mincio, the lovely hamlet Borghetto and its ancient mills: Valeggio sul Mincio is surrounded by a unique natural landscape, among the most beautiful of Italy.

This lovely area is also known all over the world for its excellent food and wine and its warm hospitality.


“Around and about Tortellini” is a three-days event created to offer the opportunity to taste all the local specialties of Valeggio sul Mincio: amongst others, the Tortellini di Valeggio, made with a thin pasta layer and minced meat or season vegetables (pumpkin, beet tops, leek, mushrooms); the Torta delle Rose (Rose cake), soft and sweetly scented; the Valeggio Cake, a sponge cake with butter cream and chocolate toping; the Coppa al Bagno, hazelnut ice-cream served with liqueurs; the Chocolate Tortellini, the Typical Veronese Peach I.g.p..

Local selected wines like Custoza and Bardolino accompany the delicious food prepared by local pasta makers, bakers and confectioners.

During the three-days event great concerts take place in the evenings all around Valeggio: the old town centre becomes an open air stage for three days.

There are also book stands selling interesting books and magazines related to food traditions and recipes, published by specialized Italian and international publishers.


The Mercato d’Eccellenza (top-quality market) hosts local producers and Slow food brands whose excellent quality food and wine have been acknowledged by experts and customers.

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