Custoza D.O.C.

The essential characteristics of the Custoza wine are its freshness and its light aromatic quality.

It easily matches many dishes and it has good abilities of refinement.

Among Italian designation of origin white wines, the Custoza is unique because it is not characterized by a prevailing vine variety, but it is based on a traditional blend of grapes including, other than the local varieties of the garganega, trebbianello and Bianca Fernanda, also other grapes that are grown in the area: this is how its typical and refined aromatic complexity, which characterize it from other wines, is created.

Its fragrance recalls floral and fruity notes, sometimes accompanied by aromatic herbs and spicy aromas.

In addition to the traditional Custoza, some producers also realize small quantities of Custoza Superiore, made from grapes of some local cru vineyards, of Custoza Spumante and of Custoza Passito (the last one recalls local wines that were once served at the end of the festive lunches).

Organoleptic characteristics of Custoza wine

Colour: straw yellow, sometimes with gold or green shades;

Fragrance: gently fruity (white and yellow crunchy fruit) and floral, slightly aromatic, with delicate notes of herbs and lawn and, sometimes, a spicy note that recalls saffron; with past of time, spicy notes increase and fruity essence become more mature.


Taste: savoury (locally, people say "salty"), gently soft, correctly full-bodied, sometimes with a pleasant almond note at the end; from an aromatic point of view, it recalls fragrances easy to smell.