Villafranca di Verona

South-west of Verona, Villafranca is located on the Via Postumia, ancient Roman road connecting Verona to and Mantua.

Its place name recalls its origins: in 1185, in fact, the town of Verona proclaim the foundation of a village free from taxes, to encourage settlements and reclaim new lands.

Its hallmark is the Medieval Scaligero Castle: the works for its construction begin in 1199, but continue for two  more centuries, until it has the structure we see today, with the central tower surrounded by high walls. This building becomes the cornerstone of the imposing defence system created by the Scalas, connecting various castles and fortresses in the area, creating a fortified complex known as the Serraglio, which now few traces remain.

During the age of Risorgimento, Villafranca is the place of a historic meeting. In 1859, in the Palace Bottagisio, that now hosts the Museum of the Risorgimento, the emperors Franz Joseph and Napoleon III sign the so-called Peace of Villafranca, prelude to the Unity of Italy.

The commercial vocation of Villafranca has a long tradition: the weekly market occupies the central streets every Wednesday since 1592.

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