Sona is located halfway between Verona and Lake Garda. The spectacular location on the morainic hills allows to enjoy panoramic views of the Lessini Mountains, on the chain of Mount Baldo, on the group ‘s Carega mountains and on the Pre-Alps of the Brescia area.

Prehistoric findings dating back to the Bronze Age, found on Mount Corno, witness the old presence of human settlements in this area: bronze objects, flint tools, some ceramics, weapons and a stilt house are now stored at the Museo Paleontologico Fedrigo.(Palaeontology Museum).

During the Roman Age the hill was fortified in order to control the Gallic way. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Sona becomes domain of the Longobards, then, in the fourteenth century, it passes under the power of the Scalas, Lords of Verona; during the age of Risorgimento, the territory is often the scenery of conflicts between the Austrian and the Savoy armies.

In the area there are numerous Venetian villas with wonderful parks, rural courts, typical of the agricultural economy, as well as small chapels and places of worship.

Thanks to the extension and development of irrigation systems, in the early twentieth century, Sona becomes an important agricultural area: the hill is planted with vineyards and olive trees, while the plain area of Lugagnano is cultivated with peach trees.

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Useful information

Municipality of Sona

Piazza Roma, 1 – ZIPCODE 37060

tel 045 6091211


Local Police: Piazza della Vittoria, 10/A – 37060 – Sona

tel. 045 6091203 – Flying Squad (Pronto Intervento) 336 641184 – polizialocale@comune.sona.vr.it


Sona: Piazza della Vittoria, 10 – 37060 – Sona

tel. 045 6091255 – s.depretis@comune.sona.vr.it

Palazzolo: via IV Novembre, 46 – 37060 – Palazzolo

tel. 045 6080682 – farmaciapalazzolo@comune.sona.vr.it

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