In flat area, overlooking the Val d’Adige between the Alps of Veneto, the morainic hills and the River Adige.The oldest settlement in the area dates back to the Middle Bronze Age, about 3500 years ago.
Venetians, Raeti, Celts (Gauls), succeed in the territory until the Romans imposed their rule and unify the culture. In 825 the name Gussilingus, hence “Bussolengo”, appears for the first time on an act of commutation.
At the time of the Della Scala, Visconti and Carrara families, Bussolengo is one of the most economically prosperous villas of Verona. In the fifteenth century the whole town came under the rule of the Venetian Republic, which had built a fortification to control the roads and fords of the River Adige, where now you find the monastery of Saint Francis.
In this period, Bussolengo becomes a center of considerable interest in the area of Verona thanks to the passage by the river of goods coming down from Trentino; it is a place of transit of emperors and princes, merchants and pilgrims, armies and military troops.
Among the most important historical facts, we must mention the “battle of Bussolengo”, fought March 26th and 27th 1799 between Napoleon’s troops and the Austrian ones.
Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the main activity of the population is agriculture. In the ’50s the shoe companies will make the country get off the ground.