La Pesca

In the Bussolengo area, much of arable land is dedicated to the cultivation of peach orchards.

Since the seventeenth century, the cultivation of peaches has had a remarkable expansion.

With the development of irrigation techniques, it has been further developed.

In recent years, with the introduction of high quality brands and PGI certifications, manufacturers have felt the need for a brand, to certify the quality of these peaches. Thus, the Principesca logo was born. Principesca peach production stands for its ultra-high quality. 

Bussolengo’s peaches have conquered the domestic and foreign markets thanks to their peculiar organoleptic characteristics.

At local level, Pesca di Verona has been established; it is dedicated to white and yellow pulp peaches, characterized by early, medium and late ripening belonging to the "Persica Vulgaris" type.

The reference point for producers and consumers is the fruit and vegetable market, based in Via Molinara. Here in addition to peaches, also kiwis, another typical product of the area, are sold.

The renowned peaches of Bussolengo can be found from June to September both at the fruit and vegetable market and in shops.