Tortellino di Valeggio De.Co.

The typical cooking of Valeggio is deeply linked to the tradition of the area with an eye to modern taste, to meet the needs of the consumer, in respect of the quality and with genuine ingredients.

The selection of dishes and specialties is very rich and varied and it is certainly able to meet the needs of all types of customers, also as regards the service, aimed to offer a moment of unforgettable hospitality.

The protagonist is the Tortellino di Valeggio, to which the Associazione Ristoratori (Restaurant Owner Association) has dedicated the Leggenda del Nodo d'Amore (Legend of Love Knot) and an annual festival on the Visconti Bridge, with a table for 3500 guests.

Made of thin dough, filled with home-made white-braised meat, can be tasted alone or with golden melted butter, sage leaves and, for those who wish, a handful of grated Grana Padano cheese or with broth.

Its uniqueness and the reputation that Valeggio sul Mincio has obtained from this dish, meant that in 2001 the town geve to this dish the local recognition of Prodotto De.Co. (Denominazione Comunale).