The Fair of Saint Valentine is the most important event of Bussolengo.

This annual fair is held on the 14th February during the period immediately preceding the reawakening of nature from the winter torpidity and the beginning of work in the fields.

 In ancient times, it was the ideal period for purchasing animals and to haggle over the purchase of seeds, new plants and work tools. In 1711, the cattle breeders of the city turned to Saint Valentine to protect their cattle from the terrible epidemic of the foot-and-mouth disease that was sweeping through the cattle in the surrounding countryside and towns.


From that year onwards the yearly Fiera grew and just a few decades ago had the best cattle and working beasts. Eventually, the technological evolution overtook the agricultural sector and now farming machines and equipment have taken over in this sector. Anyhow, the Fair of Saint Valentine (Fiera di San Valentino), having its economic connection represents a moment of meeting, entertainment and socialisation, above all towards the families that offer entertainment and collateral events that satisfy the needs and tastes of all age groups, from babies to grandparents.

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