gelato al broccoletto

The rich food and wine offer of the territory: purely agricultural areas propose different products of excellence, a nourished series of routes that introduce the dilemma of the “which is better.”

A gastronomy heritage that combines the traditions of the territory of Verona, of the shores of the Lake Garda and of the adjacent district of Mantua.

The territory for a long time characterized by the cultivation of the peaches, has managed to classify these fruits produced in the area of Verona as PGI.

Returned to the fore in recent years thanks to some farmers, the broccoletto di Custozahas preserved its original characteristics, and some local restaurant owners have dedicated a festival that takes place in January to this vegetable.

The Tortellino di Valeggio and the fresh pasta are the protagonists of so many initiatives and flavour combinations.

The guancette di Sonacured meat and cheese, along with the sfogliatina of Villafranca and the Cake of the Roses are among the products of excellence that must be tasted without hesitations.

The DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) extra-virgin olive oil, produced in the area of the Lake Garda, completes every dish.

There are lots of places where it is possible to taste local products and to buy some culinary souvenirs.