The Ossuary of Custoza



The Ossuary of Custoza looks like a tower of almost 40 meters.


It was inaugurated by Amedeo di Savoia, the Duke of Aosta, on June 24th, 1879 to collect the bones of the Italian and Austrian soldiers who died during the wars of Independence of 1848 and 1866.


It was strongly wanted by his promoter Don Gaetano Pivatelli (1832-1900), the village priest who had wanted a place worthy to receive the mortal remains of the fallen of the two battles.


In order to draw the project in 1877, there was a national competition, joined by sixty engineers and architects, who presented 82 projects.


The work was finally commissioned to Giacomo Franco, an architect of Verona, and the work was inaugurated on June 24th, 1879.

The monument is an octagonal-shape temple with four main sides and four minor sides, and is topped by an obelisk which reaches 38 meters high.In the inside, there is a chapel with an altar, behind which a staircase leads to the crypt that houses the bones of the Italian and Austrian soldiers.


Upstairs, a loggia is a particularly interesting viewpoint to admire the surrounding territory, the connection point between the valley of the river Adige and the Po valley.

 It has always been the heart of the historic "pilgrimage" of the Risorgimento, and it is the most important monument to the historical memory of the country.

From April 2018 there is a new setup of this historical place and of the hous posts on the back of the monument, where news show rooms are been created. They will allow to look the monument with new eyes, allowing an easy access to all the visitors.

The structure is not accessible to disabled people, while they can visit the  new show rooms plain earth.



How to get


From Sommacampagna, take Via Sommacampagna and reach Custoza. Once you arrived at the center of the town, turn right into Via Ossario.


The monument is located on the left after about 200 meters.


Contatta le Terre del Custoza