The noble Benedetto Venier, the owner of the homonymous villa, built a small church dedicated to Our Lady of Health in 1816, and provided it with some lands and houses whose rents were required for the maintenance of the temple. A side-wall protected the estate.



Some Tuscan volunteers clashed with the Austrians under this side-wall, trying to prevent them from crossing the place. During the night, the Austrian army left Verona towards Sommacampagna and Sona, with the purpose of breaking through the frontline of the Piedmonteses and opening a passage towards Peschiera del Garda. The resistance of those young volunteers, guided and encouraged by the major Ellenio Ciarpalini, coped with the Austrians but, after long hours of fighting, the Tuscans were forced to leave their positions and retreat.




  • Via Chiesolina
    37066 Sommacampagna VR
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