The Church of Saint Peter on Throne

The church was built in 1753 on the ruins of a pre-existing church of 1603, but some documents point to the existence of a Romanesque parish church of 1145, of which only one relic remains: a big stone ancon, carved with a triptych and dedicated to the patron saint.


The neoclassic-style project of the architect Adriano Cristofoli (1717 – 1788) remains incomplete without the façade due to a lack of funds.


In the inside, you can see a large nave which almost hides the narrow transept and guides your sight towards a huge 19th-century altarpiece of Saverio Della Rosa, with the triumph of Saint Peter.


Above the main entrance, you can see a big fresco of Germano Prendaglio (1745 – 1809) with the banishment of the merchants from the Temple.


On your left, there is a magnificent pipe-organ dating back to 1812 and made by Giovan Battista Sona, from the Garda-based art school. It has been completely renovated and it still works.


In the barrel vault, the light enters through the multicolored stained-glass windows, of which those of Saint Zeno and Saint George stand out a mile.




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