The Church of Saint Roch

The Church of Saint Roch is a small rural church near the graveyard, but it is not cemeterial at all. It is like a casket containing a treasure made up of thirty precious frescoes.

It is located along the ancient street stretching from Verona to Bussolengo. It is an important example of the passage from the Gothic culture to the Renaissance.

The apse faces east, as once all the churches in Bussolengo did. The churchgoer wanted to face east while praying, because in this way it was easier for him/her to figure out the symbolic transition from the rising sun to the risen Christ.

This is an important example of the painting of Verona from the end of the 15th century to the first years of the 16th century.

We do not know the year of the construction but, even before being dedicated to Saint Roch in the 15th century, the church was already a chapel where to pray against the plague and other diseases.


The characters painted in the frescoes on the inner walls of the church are mainly the Madonna and Child, Saint Roch and Saint Sebastian.

The Adoration of the Magi is one of the most fascinating scenes and recalls a Gothic background.

Also the Crucifixion is beautiful and represents Saint Sebastian, Saint Defendens, Saint Roch, Saint Michael, Saint Valentine, Saint Macarius, and the Madonna and Child.

  • via San Rocco
    37012 Bussolengo VR
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