Courtyard Bagolina

Courtyard Bagolina , on the hills near Custoza, was built in the first half of the XVII century. It currently hosts a winery owned by the Checchini family.

The courtyard has been refurbished around the year 2000, both inside and outside. While refurbishing, an old underground cellar has been discovered, together with a secret underground passage. These two elements have obviously increased its historical value.

The whole courtyard had a great strategic importance during the first and the second Risorgimento wars (1848-1859): during the first Risorgimental war a crucial battle between the Piemontese Army and the Austrians Army was fought on the premises of the courtyard.

Piemontese soldiers saw strategic value in Courtyard Bagolina and asked the owners – the Palamidese family – to allow the use of the premises for the forthcoming battle against the Austrian Army. The Piemontese soldiers then managed to escape – and consequently save their lives – through a secret underground passage that back then leaded out into the open countryside.


The underground passage was unsealed a few years ago and can be walked through for a few dozen meters. During the excavations many agricultural tools were found.

From the A4 Motorway, take the exit to Sommacamopagna and follow the sign for Custoza.

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  • strada Ossario, Custoza
    37066 Sommacampagna VR
  • Private property

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