Guarienti Palace

The palace, in the heart of Valeggio, was the country home of the Marquises Guarienti family.

The neoclassical building was designed by the architect Pietro Cerioni (1737-1802), who designed also the church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Villafranca.

A commemorative stone is visible on the left side of façade: it is related to an episode occurred on the 30th May 1796, when Napoleon Bonaparte – who was staying at the Guarienti family palace – risked being caught by the Austrian soldiers that had arrived in the village.

On the right side of the façade a commemorative stone reminds don Giovanni Maria Beltrame, missionary, explorer and geographer born in Valeggio and author of many publications on Africa.


The palace is under restoration and hosts the Municipal Library.

From the central square of Valeggio, walk down via Murari for about 200 metri

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