Monument to the Grenadier Forces from Sardinia

On Monte Croce a war memorial has been dedicated to Brigata Sardegna (Grenadier Forces from Sardinia) for having taken part in two battles during the Risorgimental wars.

The Grenadiers defeated two Austrian brigades and managed to conquer Monte Croce, important strategic site from which the army could overlook on the plain between Villafranca and Verona.


The monument is surrounded by wineyards, on the Tamburino Sardo” historical route. 

From Sommacampagna: take via Sommacampagna following the road sign to Custoza. Turn left after Loc. Staffalo into Strada del Tamburino Sardo, then reach the hilltop and take the dirt road on the left, following the sign for Tampburino Sardo’s house

  • Strada del Tamburino Sardo, Custoza
    37066 Sommacampagna VR
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