The Parish of Sant’Andrea is located within the cemetery of Sommacampagna in the place of the oldest settlement of the town, where there probably was a Roman temple dedicated to the goddess Diana.

In the eighth or ninth century a barbaric church was built, while the current parish dates back to the eleventh or twelfth century.

 The altar dedicated to the goddess Leituria, that is Diana, found during the restoration in 1940, is located under a column. Like other altars and Roman inscriptions placed as stand of columns or walls, sometimes reversed, it bears witness to the triumph of Christianity over paganism.

The church consists of a single altar, three apses, two of which were built later than the main one, and three aisles with large and short columns made of pebbles mixed with bricks, on top of which there are cubic capitals in the same material.

The interior walls were all characterized by frescos. Today there are only some of them which have been beautifully restored.

From the mid-sixteenth century Sant’Andrea no longer acts as a parish because the religious functions move to the church of Santa Maria Addolorata or of Pirlar, located in the current main square of the village.


The bell tower was built later than the church, but is was demolished 1853 and replaced by the current one.


Motorway A4, take the exit Sommacampagna and follow the directions for the cemetery.

Every first Sunday of the month from 15 hours.

  • Via Guastalla
    37066 Sommacampagna VR
  • Every first Sunday of the month from 15 hours.

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