Villa Pignatti

The XVII century Villa Pignatti overlooks the plain of Villafranca. The classical Venetian villa belonged to the Counts Ottolini, masters of Custoza since the beginning of the XVIII century.

The building was enlarged at the end of the XIX century and was restored in the Thirties by the family Pignatti Morano, current owner of the villa.

The building has two façades, one overlooking the street and the other facing East, overlooking an Italian-style garden (listed in the Registry of Historical Gardens drawn up by the Piano di Area Quadrante Europa), gorgeous lemon trees and a road lined with cypresses.

On the premises of the villa a wood of broad-leafed trees boasts black locust trees; there are also olive trees and a vineyard.

The villa has remarkable rooms decorated with paintings and fine paneled ceilings, and the XVII century decorations and furniture are well preserved in the chapel.

During the third Independence War battles were fought on the premises of the villa. On 24th June 1866 the Italian and the Austrian Army fought in the park of the villa; in November 1822 the villa hosted the kings that were part of the Holy Alliance.


Visitors are not allowed on the premises of the villa, but the building can be seen from via Bellavista.

Motorwy A4: take the exit to Sommacampagna and follow the sign for Custoza.

Visitors are not allowed.

  • via Bellavista
    37066 Sommacampagna VR
  • Visitors are not allowed.

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