A Guzzi Falcone chased by a Spider Alfa Romeo zipping through the village… Am I dreaming?

The roads of the Terre del Custoza are the ideal setting for old cars lovers. The most important event is the historical race “Mille Miglia” and, of course, the most important place is the Museum Nicolis in Villafranca.


And… what is that?

Carnival masks? How is it possible? Is it already Carnival time? It can’t be… but I’m sure I saw Captain America talking to SpidermanWhat’s going to happen?

It’s all right, don’t worry! This is the Cosplayer meeting, an unmissable appointment for cartoons lovers: it’s so thrilling, isn’t it? You can meet your favorite heroes, here!
And now… what is it, again? I heart a trumpet call: who has sounded the charge?


Come on, Savoy troops! That’s how the Carousel of the Carabinieri starts.