nature and adventure

The morainic hills, that semicircle that surrounds the southern shore of the Lake Garda, are characterized by wood, light slopes and plains, ponds and resurgences, vineyards and olive trees, flowers and orchards, a marvellous and colourful landscape that becomes the ideal background for curious bike excursions, walking and horse riding, thanks to the immense environmental variety. A real natural gym, ideal for beautiful excursions through the routes and paths among hills, vineyards, rivers, plains, ancient churches and historical dwellings.


The Park Sigurtà is fascinating thanks to the different flowers that bloom in Spring up until Autumn: 60 hectares of luxurious vegetation, flowers and rare plants allowed the park to be awarded as the most  beautiful park in Europe (Award 2013).

The Park Mincio mixes history, nature and monuments with its bike itineraries that allow to fully appreciate it.

Since it is very close to the Lake Garda, the lake landscape and the hills mix, becoming more appealing for visitors.