History, art and culture

villa Sigurtà

The Lands of Custoza, due to their geographical position, have been for centuries a crossroads of peoples and cultures, as well as the scene of bloody clashes.

These features have meant that there are a huge historical and artistic heritage in the area: museo Paleontologico di Sona, traces of the Etruscan and Roman ruins already recognizable from the names of such towns as “Custodia“, “Summa Campanea” and “Asiona“, and by the geographical position of Villafranca, founded as a military camp on the via Postumia.

The ancient churches like Sant’Andrea in Sommacampagna or Santa Giustina in Palazzolo di Sona are destinations where the main characters are silence, meditation and religious quietness.Sanctuaries, hermitages, churches, monasteries, convents, in the territory and in the surrounding area, places of worship located throughout the territory, often lonely, full of great significance for the Christian tradition. Places of worship that are appreciated for their artistic and cultural beauties.

The Venetian villas, perfectly preserved and evocative, lead us in the past as Borghetto sul Mincio, the Visconti bridge and Scaliger castles of Villafranca and Valeggio do.

To go deep into the history of the Risorgimento it is important to visit the Ossario di Custoza and the museum of the Risorgimento in Villafranca, not forgetting civil architectures, military structures and numerous historical monuments in the area, which melt and are involved in spreading history, art and culture.A series of paths will lead you to discover the area for a short weekend or an extended stay.


Nearby, you can alternate excursions on Lake Garda and days of cultural activities in the near cities of Verona and Mantua, which have been recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.


The area is rich in folk traditions. Among them:



II sego de la vècia


The ancient local market of Sommacampagna


The festa del nodo d’amore


The local market of San Valentino


The ancient local market of Cavalcaselle


A hospitable land, a land “with a soul”, the area of the Lands of Custoza offers its guests a lot of places to discover, expression of centuries of history and artistic excellence.